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Discover the joy of wellbeing with us...

Welcome to the world of Hello Happy Learner! You are more important then you could ever know to the learning and mental health of your happy learners.

Good mental health is key to a positive future for our little ones. It is our aim to help you understand more, create good habits and promote resilient children from the very begining.

We are here to help you explore the joy of wellbeing, our brains, gratitude, and awe. We will support you with the knowledge, tips and skills to celebrate the fun in exploring & enhancing children's mental health, personal social and emotional development. 

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Join us in one of our Isle of Wight sessions. We currently have an afterschool club for primary aged children and an Early Years group for parents and children to 6 years.

We also provide resources and learning you can try at home, all designed around wonderful stories.

We draw on the latest research including positive psychology to inform everything we do. Our sessions and resources are designed and delivered by an experienced teacher with a Masters in Education, focusing on positive psychology with young children. 

It is our passion to make a positive change in families lives now for a positive future for all. Small changes can have a big impact.

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Together we can help them flourish

Wellbeing & learning support for parents.

We are dedicated to helping families create the best starts for their little ones.

Our blog and social media are designed to support you with information, tips and further ideas from research, best practice and years of teaching experience. These are designed to enhance your knowledge from gratitude, to phonics and the importance of wait time.

Your children learn the most when they feel safe, happy and are having fun. Learning with you at home and out in nature as a family is the best opportunity for your little learner to develop essential life skills and habits.

We would love to hear more about the topics you would like to know more about.

If you live on the Isle of Wight come join us in one of our clubs and sessions. 

Your love, support and engagement in your child and their development is what gives them the opportunity to flourish and lead a life full of positive wellbeing.

You are amazing!

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Paying Kindness Forward

Thank you for your support. Your support helps fund the gifts we make to schools and charities to reach more children, improving their academic and wellbeing start in life.

Sharing kindness not only benefits the recipient but studies have shown our wellbeing benefits too from their happiness. We can testify to this!

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