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Join us on a family adventure...

Welcome to the world of Hello Happy Learner! You are more important then you could ever know to the learning and mental health of your happy learners.

We are here to help you explore the joy of learning together for children aged 4-12 years. We will support you with the knowledge, tips and skills to celebrate the fun in learning & enhancing children's mental health, personal social and emotional development. 

Our adventures are packed full of activities to do at home and out in nature. All you need to do is share in the experience with your happy learner.

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We have selected our favourite picture books to inspire your family adventure! Every adventure has a different focus developing, vital life skills promoting mental health, personal, social and emotional development as well as investigating science and promoting play.

We draw on the latest research including positive psychology to create activities to do in the home and out in nature. Even your littlest learners can begin to explore our adventures using pictures, discussions and photos to record their thoughts. Our adventures are designed to be kept and cherished, making a resources for families to return to when needed and remind them of the joy in their lives.

Where will your families next adventure take you?

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Hello Happy Adventures

Get ready to explore the fun of wellbeing and learning...

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Exploring Emotions Adventure

From £3.60

Join Conker on an exploration of our emotions, their importance and how to manage them. Based on the wonderful book 'Conker the Chameleon' by Hannah Peckham and Stephanie Jayne.

Have a sneak at what's inside and our different buying options.

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Friendship Adventure

From £3.60

Join Squirrel & Bear on an exploration of friendship. Based on the fabulous book 'I'm Sticking With You' by Smriti Halls and Steve Small.

Find out more about our buying options and take a sneak peek inside.


Nurture Adventure

From £3.60

Our nurture adventure comes with your very own star to accompany you as you discover the importance of nurturing yourself and others. This adventure is based on the heart-warming book 'My Pet Star' by Corrinne Averiss and Rosalind Beardshaw.

Find out more about this adventure, what's included and get a sneak peek inside.

Internal Image from Isabel's Adventure

Belonging Adventure

From £3.60

We all experience times of loneliness and struggle to find the beauty in our lives. This adventure guides you through discovering gratitude, the beauty around us and developing our feelings of belonging.

Find out more about developing these essential skills with your children.

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Resources Supporting Learning

Come find out more about ways to support your young learners in developing reading, writing and maths skills. 

Using best teaching practice and research, we have created resources and information to enhance your understanding and support your little learners.


Sight Reading Cards

Explore the world of reading and writing with these engaging word cards. The images and words have been selected to inspire children, promoting their play and introducing them to the world of reading.

Our shop is powered by Etsy. Why not check it out?

High Frequency Word Cards

Learning to read is a big steep for our little learners, make it more fun with our high frequency word cards. Check out our blog for game ideas to inspire learning. Included are the words your little learner will meet the most as they begin their reading and writing journey. The back of each card has an engaging image.

Our shop is powered by Etsy. Why not check it out?

Letter Formation Packs

Check out our range of handwriting and letter formation packs. They are designed to promote muscle memory and understanding of relative letter sizes. Three animals are used to teach children about the different heights of letters on or below the line. Colour codin

Our shop is powered by Etsy. Why not check it out?

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Together we can help them flourish

Wellbeing & learning support for parents.

We are dedicated to helping families create the best starts for their little ones.

Our blog posts support you with information, tips and further ideas from research, best practice and years of teaching experience. These are designed to enhance your knowledge from gratitude, to phonics and the importance of wait time.

Your children learn the most when they feel safe, happy and are having fun. Learning with you at home and out in nature as a family is the best opportunity for your little learner to develop essential life skills and habits.

We would love to hear more about the topics you would like to know more about.

Subscribe to our mailing list to get a heads up about the arrival of new posts and support.

Your love, support and engagement in your child and their development is what gives them the opportunity to flourish and lead a life full of positive wellbeing.

You are amazing!

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Paying Kindness Forward

Thank you for your support. Each purchase you make helps fund the gifts we make to schools and charities to reach more children, improving their academic and wellbeing starts in life.

We have also chosen to work with our local NHS Trust so their profits from the products you purchase help support our local Hospital Trust and the amazing work they do.

Find out more about how we pay kindness forward in the menu above. Sharing kindness not only benefits the recipient but studies have shown our wellbeing benefits too from their happiness. We can testify to this!

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