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High Frequency Word Cards

Help your little one learn to read and write with our high frequency word cards. High frequency words and those that we use the most in the English language. Teaching children to sight read (read without the need to decode) these words helps them become fluent readers and writers.

Once you've downloaded these cards, print them double sided so that the back of each word has an image that engages your child. There are different options so you can find the one that appeals to your child.

I recommend laminating the cards so that they last longer and can be written on using a dry-wripe pen and wiped off again.

The cards are sorted into three groups (each group have different picture themes on the back). These groups develop in complexity. Start with the first set in the digital pack. Introduce a small number of cards at a time. If your little one seem overwhelmed, reduce the number of words introduced and add to them as they begin to confidently read each word.

Words with a solid frame can be decoded (sounded out using phonics).

The dashed frame shows words which can not be decoded. These are sometimes called tricky words.

Some of the pictures available for the cards:


Children can practice writing the words using a dry-wipe pen on the cards. As they get more confident, they can read the card then turn it over and try writing the word on a piece of paper before checking their spelling accuracy against the card.


Compass Points 🧭

Place 4 word cards in a room or garden one on each compass points (or one on each wall). Ask your child to begin in the middle of the space. You call out one of the 4 words used and they need to run to the card. Keep going speeding up or slowing down as needed. Add cards or swap them for others as they become confident reading the card.

Car race 🚗

Grab some toy cars. Stick a word to each one. Which word will win the race. Keep using the attached words to talk about the cars.

Hide and Seek 🙈

  • Hide different word cards around the house. Ask for one of the cards. They can only bring you the requested word the others they need to leave in place until they are asked for.


  • Hide a selection of cards. Keep the number of cards small so little ones don't get board. You may need to hide them in very clear places for little ones. On a piece of paper write each of the words you have hidden spaced out enough for the cards to all fit on top of each of the words. As your little ones find and bring back the cards, ask them to put the card on top of the correct word. This is great practice at recognising words before they can read them all.

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