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Welcome to Hello Happy Learner
- enhancing child wellbeing

We created Hello Happy Learner to raise awareness and support families in the importance of developing mental health, personal, social and emotional skills. Through our blog, Hello Happy Adventures and learning resources, we share what we have learnt as parents, experienced teachers in primary classrooms and through further research from as Masters studies and beyond with you.

We know how important it is for your little one to learn essential life skills from early childhood and beyond. You are essential in this journey, which is why we want to equip you with the skills, understanding and tips to support your little ones. Our adventures will inspire your family to find the joy in learning both at home and out in nature. 

We have selected some fabulous picture books to provide a springboard for your children to launch them into the fun adventure. Sharing books together can be wonderful for you all. Find out more about our adventures in our shop and about the support we provide with each adventure at Hello Happy Adult through our blog.

Your support is essential to the good that we do. With each purchase you make, you help fund the gifts we make to schools and charities to help us reach even more wonderful children. Find out more about paying kindness forward and how it benefits yourself and others.

Thank you for your support. x

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