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Paying kindness forward

With your support and the support of fabulous authors we pay kindness forward.

We are dedicated to helping children get the best start in life. With each purchase you make, you support us in reaching more children and paying kindness forward. We gift copies of our adventures to schools and charities to reach children and their families. Where possible, we work with organisations to support families where our adventures will offer the greatest benefits so they can enjoy the activities to do at home with their families.

We have also selected a fabulous, local printers - who are part of our local NHS
Trust - so the profits they make from printing your adventures is returned into the Hospital Trust supporting the vital work they do.

Paying kindness forward not only benefits the recipient but studies have shown that it is a great boost to our own wellbeing. With this in mind, we would like to thank you for your support as we know first hand how happy we feel each time we hear back about the joy our gifted adventures have brought families.

What can you do to pay kindness forward? It could be as small as a 'hello' to a passer by. We would love to hear about the kindness you offer to the world or have received.

Star's Adventure & My Pet Star picture book gifted to an infant school
Conker's adventures gifted to local school children
Conker's adventure gifted to a local school
Kindness: Welcome
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