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Do you want to help you little one learn, grow and develop? We believe that you are the key to helping you children flourish and are here to help you on that journey.

Our adventures are inspired by fabulous picture books, taking your children on a wonderful journey developing wellbeing, personal, social, emotional, behaviour and science. Each adventure is designed for ages 4-12 to be done with an adult, to create an adventure book to cherish, showing the memories you make together and reflect on when needed.

Designed by experienced teachers, with a Masters in Education, the activities are best done together as a family in the home or out in nature. Our website blog is packed with information from best teaching practice, child development and positive psychology research and years of teaching experience to give you the understanding you need to take your fun and learning even further after this adventure.

We believe it is important to inspire a joy for learning. Our early learning resources have been developed to engage your children in their early skill acquisition, enhancing the progress they make.

Check our our blog for more information on how to use all our products and the research behind the activities.

All our products are sold as digital downloads from our Etsy shop.

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Exploring Emotions Adventure


Exploring Emotions Adventure is based on the wonderful picture book Conker the Chameleon by Hannah Peckham and Stephanie Jayne. In this adventure, the focus is on Emotional Literacy, supporting your little one in developing skills and knowledge about identifying and managing our feelings.

We recommend buying or borrowing a copy of the fantastic picture book to make the most of your adventure.

Friendship Adventure


Explore the world of friendships, from celebrating those we have to understanding the importance of being assertive. This adventure will guide learners through the skills they need to create and maintain good friendships.

I’m Sticking With You is a fabulous picture book, by Smriti Halls & Steve Small, which is used as the springboard to discussing friendships and learning the skills we need. We recommend reading a copy with your learner to make the most of the adventure. Your learners will love the science challenge inspired by the story.

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Nurture Adventure


Welcome to our Nurture Adventure inspired by the wonderful picture book ‘My Pet Star’ by Corrinne Averiss & Rosalind Beardshaw.

This adventure will focus on what we can do to nurture and care for ourselves & others as well as appreciating what others do for us. Helping children understand what nurture is & its importance will help them develop skills to care for themselves and empathy for others. A star of their own to care for and nurture is included.

We recommend reading My Pet Star with your learners to enhance their experience. Your learners will love the science activity inspired by the story.

Belonging Adventure


Belonging and finding beauty in our lives can be difficult at times in our lives. This adventure teaches children that this can be normal for us all and develops skills and understanding to support children at these times. ‘The Invisible’ is a heart-warming picture book, by Tom Percival, which springboards children into this adventure. It is through the book that we journey through the idea of gratitude, belonging and being part of a community. We also include science, and play to enhance children’s learning experience.

All our adventures develop children’s wellbeing and are based on positive psychology research and interventions.

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Sight Reading Card Pack


Make words fun! These cards can be used as part of play to help children develop early reading and writing skills. For young children they will begin to understand that every image is accompanied by different letters. This helps them become familiar with the concept of reading and with the letters themselves, building their confidence before they even begin to read. For early readers, they will begin to be able to decode some words and use sight reading skills for their favourite cards. If you chose to laminate the cards, children can write over the words again and again using a dry-wipe pen. This improves letter formation and spelling skills.

On one side is the image and word, on the other is the word alone. This is designed to support children through lots of stages of learning. 

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