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Conker's Adventure

Emotional Literacy Focus

Come join Conker as he learns about his feelings, how to identify them and how expressing them is key to good metal health. Conker the Chameleon is the wonderful debut book by Hannah Peckham and illustrated by Stephanie Jayne. Conker is a wonderful character who comes to realise he is different to everyone else. In his elaborate attempt to overcome his difference, he discovers that what makes him different is actually the secret skill he and his chameleon siblings need to be happy.

This adventure, focusses on Emotional Literacy Skills and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, supporting your little one in identifying and managing their feelings to use them to succeed in different situations. Your little one will also have the opportunity to develop their reading, writing, maths, science, art and story telling skills through activities designed for in the home and out in nature. You wont need anything other than your adventure, pencils, scissors and items around your home that are ready to be recycled into family fun to complete all the activities and ideas.

Inside you will find a wonderful message written just for this adventure from the fabulous author Hannah Peckham.

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Conker's Adventure and Picture Book


If you don't already own a copy of the fabulous Conker the Chameleon or can borrow one from your local library, why not purchase a copy to accompany your adventure now?

Conker's Adventure


Treat your little one to a copy of our fabulous adventure delivered to your door. A copy of the Adult Guide will be emailed to you once purchased.

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Conker's Digital Adventure


Want a more environmentally friendly option that allows you to get hold of your adventure right now? Purchase a digital copy of your adventure to download now and print only the pages you really need to.

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