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Star's Adventure

Nurture and Wellbeing Focus

Come and join us on our discovery of a pet star. What has happened? What can we do to help our star recover and return home?

This adventure is based on the inspiring book My Pet Star by Corrinne Averiss and Rosalind Beardshaw. It is a wonderful book about a young girl who discovers a fallen star that needs love and care to recover. Will she be brave enough to let her new friend return home?

Included with this adventure is a free gift to help your little one learn about nurturing and caring for others. Activities in this adventure have been based on positive psychology research to help you child learn to identify and appreciate what is important to them; what family and friends do to support them and how they can help others. As a family, you will also have the opportunity to complete activities which develop your child's reading, writing, maths, science, art and story telling skills through activities designed for in the home and out in nature. You wont need anything other than your adventure, pencils, scissors and items around your home. Oh and of course your fabulous free gift.

Inside you will find a wonderful message written just for this adventure from the inspiring author Corrinne Averiss.


Star's Adventure and Picture Book


If you don't already own a copy of the heart-warming picture book 'My Pet Star' by Corrinne Averiss and Rosalind Beardshaw, why not buy a copy now alongside your wonderful adventure. Your Adult Guide will be emailed to you for you to enjoy while you wait for your book and adventure to join you by post.

Star's Adventure


Treat your little one to a copy of Star's adventure delivered to their door. We print on high quality paper so that they can be embellished with your child's thoughts, ideas and feelings and still kept to cherish the memories. We will email you your Adult Guide for your adventure makes its way to you by post.

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Star's Digital Adventure


Want a more environmentally friendly option where you get your adventure right now? Purchase a digital copy of our adventure to download now and print only the pages you need to. You will also be able to download your Adult Guide at the same time.

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